Trust Deed Investments

  What We Buy 

Written by: Randy Wilkins-Trust Deed Investments  

Trust Deed Investments Buys Most All Notes  

We purchase most any performing real estate Note and Mortgages;

Some examples are;

·         Notes and Deed of Trust

·         Mortgages

·         Trust Deeds

·         Contracts for Deed (aka Land Contracts or Agreements for Deed)

Examples of Acceptable Real Estate Security:

·         Residential

·         Single family homes

·         Mobile homes with land

·         Condominiums

·         Town homes

·         Multi-family

·         Land


·         Retail buildings

·         Office buildings

·         Light industrial

·         Churches, Gas stations, Business Notes or notes on Bars & Restaurants are considered on a case by case basis.

We Don't Buy the Following:

·         Mobile homes without land

·         Speculative land held for development

·         Desert tracts


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