Trust Deed Investments

Submission Package

Our submission package is fairly straightforward, we simply need copies of the original documents created at the time of closing of the original real estate sale.

 Some of these Documents Might Include:

  • Copy of the Signed Real Estate Lien Note
  • Copy of the Signed Recorded Deed of Trust or Mortgage
  • Copy of the Recorded Warranty Deed
  • Copy of the Closing Settlement Statement or HUD-1
  • Copy of the Payment History
  • Copy of the Commitment for Mortgagee's Title Policy
  • Copy of Declaration Page for Hazard Insurance

Information Should Include:

  • Payers Complete Name and Address
  • Payers Phone Numbers (Home and Work)
  • Payers Employment Information (Name of Employer Etc.)
  • Payers Social Security Number or Recent Credit Report

Here is a link to the LOI

Here is a copy of our Document Checklist

Send Us your Document Package Online

Now you can upload your files to our server electronically; no more copying, faxing and relying on snail mail or Express Carriers...

This application will allow you to upload files to us directly via e-mail up to a 1MB capacity; just point and click to the files saved on your computer in any format (PDF, Word documents even graphics files).

Give it a try, if you have problems please let me know;


Hint: if you have a file compression application like WinZip or 7zip you can compress multiple files in to one and send the whole file; if you don't have a compression application consider this one (it is free and works great):






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