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Payors Credit: 

Payors CreditThe credit history of the payors may affect the value of your real estate note considerably. For example if your payors had good credit three years ago, but has been unemployed or have some collection issues on credit cards, possibly tax liens etc. the credit rating may now show a very low credit score.

Even though the payors may be making timely note payments to you; risk has now become a significant factor for most investor's interested in purchasing your note.

Fortunately we do not rely on a credit score but rather information contained in a credit report; in other words were going to look at the whole picture not just a number on a credit report.

We can close quickly normally within 7-10 business days after we received the complete package.

For many buyers with a low FICO score the note may go down in value because of the increased risk. Your note may be more valuable than you think.

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