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Sample Real Estate Notes & Documents 

"Useful Real Estate Templates" 

By: Randy Wilkins Trust Deed Investments

Many of our clients frequently asked for copies or drafts of Real Estate Sales Contracts, Sales Agreements, Land Contracts Even Samples of Notes.  We are happy to provide some templates and samples of the most common real estate contracts and agreements you might use;  

Caution Seek Professional Legal Advice! If you are contemplating the purchase or sale of real estate costing tens of thousands of dollars, spend $200 - $300 to protect your investment and have an attorney or escrow company assist in the closing. You won't regret it and your note will be negotiable! We pay the cost to buy it we don't pay the cost to fix it... 

Real Estate Sales Contract – PURCHASE & SALE AGREEMENT

This is my all time favorite Purchase and Sale Agreement; pay particular attention to paragraph 16 "SELLER FINANCING."

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Uniform Mortgage Agreement (1003) 
(This form is interactive for PC use and can be saved with changes)
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Land Contracts:

Agreement For Deed (Buying)

Agreement For Deed (Selling)

Land Installment Contract - (Buying)

Land Installment Contract - (Selling) 
Addendum To Wrap-Around Mortgage


Promissory Notes;

Multi state Fixed Rate Note 

Multi state Balloon Fixed Rate Note

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Contingency Clauses (Escape Clauses);

Contingency Clauses

Protection Clauses (CYA)


State Specific Single-Family Standard and Negotiated Notes:

Download Notes for every state in the country;

State Specific Multifamily Security Instrument: Download state specific security agreements including assignments of rent.

We'd like to know your thoughts on these document templates we're providing; but we never know unless you tell us. Additionally if there are other templates or examples you feel would be beneficial we probably have one.  Click Here for a Rapid Response 

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