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"I am more concerned about the return OF my money than the return ON my money" -Mark Twain  

This famous quote by Mark Twain emphasizes the philosophy of much of the financial industry today. I'm sure you'll agree the preservation and return of your capital is more important than the return on your investment.

When a Full Purchase makes sense: 

As investors we "always" prefer a full purchase of your note. In a properly structured real estate sale where the buyer has average credit, 10% to 20% down payment, stable job history and makes all of their payments on time; most note buyers will offer a full purchase of your note. 

PurchaseIf sufficient time has passed from the time of sale to afford the buyer equity appreciation; a full purchase of your note always makes sense. The fact of the matter is "most" seller financed notes do not fit this criteria.

This is the fundamental reason why "sometimes" a partial purchase is not only the "best option", sometimes it's the only option. The vast majority of the time when a partial purchase is the only option it's a question of investment to value, the risk is simply too high for a full purchase.

Additionally, one must consider according to the National Association of Realtors the AVERAGE duration of home ownership is 5 years; interestingly  and more importantly the average lifecycle of a MORTGAGE in America is 2.5 years.

So statistically your payer is going to sell or refinance (possibly default) in a few years. Why discount your note with a remaining term of 15-20 or 30 years when the odds are in your favor you'll be paid off in full much sooner?

We hear these common concerns every day!

  • I just want to sell my note and be done with it!      

GREAT! Eliminate hassles: collecting and processing payments is not your concern during the time we hold the mortgage. Let Trust Deed Investments handle all of that day to day administration, collection, record keeping and accounting for your note or mortgage.

  • What if the buyer pays off early?      

If I sell my note, what happens in the event of an early payoff (your buyer sells or refinance the property)? You receive the balance of your note minus a small payoff on the partial without any further discount. 

  • What if the buyer defaults?      

If I sell my note, what happens if the payers stop making the payments? In the unlikely event of a default, you are given numerous opportunities to step back in, collect the note payments your self, initiate a foreclosure and sell the property quite possibly at an additional profit.

Or allow our professional legal team to completely handle the foreclosure at a small flat fee deducted from the proceeds of the sale.  The important thing to remember it is Still YOUR NOTE, you are still in First P osition,  and any  responsible note holder would react to the default the same way regardless if there's a partial purchase or not.

  • Can I get cash and keep the rights to my note?   

YES! You've sold your property and taken back a note and mortgage from the buyer. Now the buyer is making payments to you. Now you want or need cash however you don't want to give up your mortgage or sell the whole mortgage at a steep discount.

A partial mortgage note purchase may be your best solution; getting you cash now while accommodating your desire to keep the mortgage. Once we're paid, the mortgage is returned to you and all associated benefits are again yours.

A partial purchase of your note is the combination of the two greatest multipliers of wealth known to man.

  • The Miracle of Compound Interest 
  • The Time Value of Money 

When you sell part of your note (Example: the next 10 years payments on a 30 year note) you continue to earn interest on the remaining portion of the note you did not sell.

Every month your payers pay interest on the entire balance of the mortgage note, the portion you sold PLUS the portion you did not sell. You get cash now for the portion of the mortgage note you sold plus you continue to earn interest on the remaining portion of your note you did not sell...

That's a win-win situation, have your cake and eat it too!
With our flexible purchase options we may be able to show you how you can receive more than 100% for your mortgage note.... Please keep Reading

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